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Book Review: When by Daniel Pink

Full disclosure: I am a Daniel Pink fan. It is hard for me to read him in an unbiased way. I enjoy his topics, his style, and his presentation.

Having said that, I highly recommend this book. It plays an even more important role as we struggle with the hybrid work community that the pandemic has created.

It focuses on when we should be doing things to get the best result. I particularly enjoyed the discussion on our body clock and how time of day impacts our energy. This section led me to make several adjustments to my schedule that have increased my productivity. I used to be a "power through it" worker who would make up for energy droughts with caffine and sugar. Now I realize that better sleep and scheduling my tasks appropriately helps me do more in less time.

Is there scientific research supporting his ideas? Yes. Is this a deeply scientific book? No. But that is one of the reasons I like Mr. Pink's style. He takes deeper concepts and makes them relatable and actually funny.

As a manager, this would be a great book to have the team read together and come up with ways to increase the productivity of individuals and the group.

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