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The Workplace Has a Problem

The workplace has too many bad managers. Those managers hurt:

  • Themselves because they struggle, suffer burnout, and even fail.

  • The team because they are not engaged and may even suffer emotionally.

  • The organization because an unengaged workforce leads to lower productivity, profitability, and retention.

The Good News:

My program can help anyone become a Great Manager.

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The Great Manager Program

Through years of trial and error, studying, and testing, I have discovered that being a Great Manager comes down to knowing and executing on 13 behaviors. These behaviors are consistent across industries, organizational sizes, and even for-profit/non-profit.

How I teach these behaviors is as important as the behaviors themselves.

  • I teach the behaviors 1 at a time, in a 45 minute virtual setting.

  • I show you the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of each behaviors.

  • I then give each participant an assignment to use the behavior in their environment along with some simple reflection questions.

  • When we meet next, we discuss what went well and what the participant can do differently, then repeat with a new behavior.

The Great Manager Program Works

Here are some comments from recent class participants:

"Brian has been incredibly helpful to me in my role as manager. His systematic and logical method of instruction has helped me learn and practice the skills that I need to work and communicate more effectively."

"The way this training is structured - one topic each week - is very helpful in understanding the theory behind each lesson."

"Really liked your breaking out the topics into smaller areas so we could focus on 3 - 4 points at a time."

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