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I started my managerial career like most people - I was a high performer and got promoted to lead a team. Unfortunately, being a high performer in an individual contributor role didn't mean I had the skills to be a great manager.

I struggled - badly. My team suffered as well.

So I started to read every book I could, take every course I could find, listen to all the management podcasts, and talk with as many great managers as I could. No one program gave me all the information I needed. I slowly got better and saw what behaviors were necessary for success. But it took a long time.

I want other managers to avoid the struggle - so I dedicated my career to sharing the information that managers need to be great. That is what this community is about - me sharing what I've learned and connecting great managers in one place to be able to learn from and support each other.

I know this will make a difference for your career as well as all the people who work for you.

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