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Book Review: Impact Players by Liz Wiseman

Being a huge fan of Multipliers by Mrs. Wiseman, I was excited to read this book. My hope was that it built on that mindset and research to provide even more to help managers be great. While not disappointed, I was not thrilled either.

First, I agree with most of the things that she says in the book - the guidance is certainly good and would make anyone a high performer.

Where I think it falls short is that it focuses on the "hero" player, who does everything. One person saves the day, one person has the grit and mindset to make a difference, etc. Work harder, do the extra step, etc. Yes, she does talk about how these people pull everyone together and step back when not needed anymore, but it still makes the one person the hero.

In this pandemic (and maybe someday post pandemic) world, we've learned that while that may get results, it isn't the answer. It causes health issues (physical and mental). In many cases, it doesn't really help the company.

In no way is Mrs. Wiseman advocating you do something unhealthy or damaging to yourself. Her examples and suggestions just ignore the fact that we need to find ways to be impactful without the negative consequences.

Rating: Recommended

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