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Book Review: Out of Office

This is a fascinating book at the potential future of the remote workforce. It is written by a couple who started remote work before the pandemic and have a lot of experience. They examine how the pandemic forced everyone (almost) into the same world they chose - and how many people made the same mistakes they did.

For example, they mention how they anticipated that the lack of commute would free them to do other things, but they simply found that they worked more. They weren't more free, they just weren't driving. Sound familiar?

It raises many fascinating questions and made me pause and really think things through multiple times - pretty rare for a book to be this challenging.

If I had one complaint about the book, it is that they make some assumptions that I think are off the mark. When a company does something and it has underpinnings of a benefit to the company, they think it was some grand diabolical plan of the executives. While it may be true, it is highly unlikely. No executive I know is that skilled in predicting how society will react to their choices at such a deep level.

Overall, great book that I am sure I will re-read soon.

Rating: Highly Recommended

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