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Book Review: Think Again by Adam Grant

I like many of the things Adam Grant does, so I was excited to get started on his new book - Think Again. It exceeded my expectations.

The premise of the book is quite simple, we need to think like scientists (constantly trying to disprove the things we believe). We need to be aware of the various biases and actions that prevent us from thinking like scientists so we can overcome them. It isn't easy and it requires some very specific skills.

When he spoke about how we communicate our ideas as preachers, prosecutors or politicians, I couldn't help but nod my head "yes" because I see each of those in how I interact.

No doubt this will make me a better person and leader. Not only because it taught me something, but it showed me the value and necessity of rethinking my thoughts and beliefs. The story that was my favorite was when he was giving a lecture that disproved an older theory. The writer of the original theory was in the audience and came up to see him afterwards. He was thrilled that someone disproved it - not the reaction you would expect. He knew that meant we were getting further and deeper in our knowledge.

As the kids say - Life Goal.

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