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Book Review: The Upskilling Imperative by Shelley Osborne

Mrs. Osborne works at Udemy, which is a company focused on selling skill building courses to companies and individuals. She obviously has a vested interest in convincing people to upskill. I'd like to say that this is simply a book designed to sell a product.

It is not. It is a book that discusses the reality that many businesses will face and for which they are not ready. Skills are changing rapidly, causing people who are experts one day to be hopelessly behind the next. New skills are being needed faster than ever. Did marketing departments even think Tik Tok would be something to be aware of 5 years ago?

Companies that don't build the skills internally will lose staff that want to leave and have staff that can't perform. To fix the issue, these companies will either overpay for talent or simply fade away. This book is the framework to ensure it doesn't happen to your company.

My favorite chapter is the one on Feedback (I'm sure you are shocked). I felt like Mrs. Osborne was in my office listening to me talk about feedback and then just wrote everything down (probably more eloquently). If you read nothing else, read the Feedback chapter of this book. You'll be smarter for it.

Even if you aren't in charge of L&D or HR, you should be aware of this book and start to implement its ideas in your team.

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