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Book Review: Sprint by Jake Knapp

Sprint, written by members of the Google Ventures team, is not a bad book, but not necessarily a helpful book. It reviews a structure that is meant to be a more helpful form of agile development, because it has a bit more definitive structure (the five days). However, it misses the mark.

If you are familiar with agile development, you know that it is built on creating a minimal product that can be tested. Then making rapid changes to it. Repeat until you have a finished product. The Sprint method is similar, but it creates a structure to the 5 days to make it so you have an accomplishment at the end of the week.

Because it doesn't really introduce anything new and because it doesn't really address the problem of defining big problems in an easy to test way, it really doesn't add much to the conversation. It was a fairly quick read, but certainly not one that was illuminating.

Recommendation: Neutral

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