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Book Review: Speed of Trust

Trust is one of the those qualities that everyone says is important, but people have trouble quantifying. You can't measure it like revenue or profits. You can't create a graphic like a thermometer that shows how far you've progressed in the trust category. Yet, we all know that it is critical.

This book doesn't solve the measurement problem, but it does talk in clear and definitive ways of how trust matters. How trust speeds up success because you aren't worried about other things. About how trust in competence and character make things not only go faster, but better.

It is why, when I deal with vendors or co-workers, I only deal with people I trust. I start out trusting them, but if we lose it for whatever reason, it's over. I know those people will do what they say and that enables me to focus on the important things.

I had one relationship with a vendor that had developed over the years. We got to the point where we would discuss doing something together and we would start working on it. I trusted he was going to get me an excellent price and final product and he trusted I would get it approved. We eventually got a contract - you have to in most companies - but it was usually signed when things were already well underway.

This not only should be a book for managers, but every college student should read it as well. It shows you how to work in the world.

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