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Book Review: Powerful by Patty McCord

Part of the marketing for this book says when it comes to the way businesses run, most of them "have it all wrong". I guess you have to say things like that to sell books, but is it reality?

She certainly does advocate some unusual concepts. Most of her concepts ARE different from the way the average company executes. But I didn't find many of them radical. In fact, they seemed to make more sense than the way companies usually do things. In fact, her ideas are what companies say they do, but we all know they don't.

Pay is a great example. She says if you are going to hire the best people, you have to pay them like they are the best. Not exactly a radical concept. Most businesses would say they agree. Yet most businesses create structures and systems to prevent this very practice. And if that high payer isn't performing, would they get rid of them? Netflix would and did.

In other words, the genius behind what she did at Netflix was simply listen to what people say is the best practice, and then actually execute on it.

To be fair, it would be easy when the company is successful and making money hand over fist. These concepts wouldn't work everywhere. But looking at the ideas and trying to move your company closer to what they say is the right thing makes a lot of sense.

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