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Book Review: Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

You don't want to be around me when I read this book. I found myself every few minutes audibly saying "YES!" and wanting to show what I had just read to someone.. I would annoy you very quickly.

At its core, the book is the argument for long-term thinking over short-term thinking. He takes it a step further with the idea of "infinite" instead of long-term. Ask what long term means to most executives and they will say 3-5 years. Mr. Sinek is thinking hundreds of years.

His core message is that playing to win means the game ends. He believes the strategy should be to keep the game going as long as you can. It creates a competitive reason to work together, which almost always creates more.

Read the book and imagine how things would change if you focused on keeping the game going, not winning or losing.

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