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Book Review: How Will You Measure Your Life

Clayton Christianson is well known in the management theory circles for his Harvard accomplishments - a number of classic articles and books. If that were all he did, he would be. a giant in the field - spoken in the same sentence as Drucker and Deming.

Fortunately for us, he didn't stop there. He wrote this book that takes the lessons he has learned beyond the office into our homes.

What I most enjoyed about this book is how he presented the lessons. He starts each chapter with a business case study - a famous client or story that he has worked on. Then he pivoted that story to talk about the life lesson.

My favorite concept was the idea of "knowing what job the product/service was hired for". It starts with a story about McDonald's milkshakes, then moves into how this matters in life. It got me thinking about what job my clients and family need from me. Not the superficial thing that I see, but what is the thing underneath. If you don't understand the job, you can't satisfy the customer.

Rating: Recommended

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