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Book Review: Get a Coach, Be a Coach by Roger Connors

The idea that everyone needs a coach should be common knowledge. If Serena Williams still has a coach after all her titles and Tiger Woods still has a coach after all his victories, then we all need a coach.

Mr. Connors agrees, but presents a novel idea to having a coach. He believes we should all have multiple coaches and we should all be coaches for multiple people. He puts his money where his mouth is.

He presents a logic framework how to find and use a coach effectively. He also shows how to be a good coach to someone else. It really takes the traditional idea of collaboration and formalizes it to multiply the effect.

The one warning: be prepared to get feedback. The whole idea of coaching is that someone helps correct you and teach you things. This will mean some failure and some correction. If you don't want that and don't want to be better at key skills in your life, don't read this book.

To be more succinct: you should want to read this book.

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