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Book Review - Excellence Now: The 43 Number Ones by Tom Peters

I make no apologies for being a Tom Peters fanboy. I believe he is the top management thinker in my lifetime and has to be in the top 3 all time. This latest book is a fast read, but a must read.

In this book, Mr. Peters distills the key principles of his years in management thinking into this one book. It doesn't go deep into each Number One, but it does provide some great quotes and examples.

What I love is that each of these things is important (hence the Number One designation), which shows that management is difficult, yet can all be distilled down to one key thing - taking care of people. He has said many times that everything in his books and talks is about people.

Big advantage - you could probably read it on your lunch hour and you would be a better manager in the afternoon than you were in the morning.

Rating: Highly recommended.

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