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Book Review: Essentialism

Essentialism is a great book to help you focus. It addresses one of the big problems we have in the business world today - being too busy. This book helps you figure out what is "essential" to do and what you should let go.

The best thing it offers is the idea that you should do fewer things better. Because of that, you will need to really decide what is important, or essential. This means clarity of goals, clarity of expectations, clarity of deliverables. That clarity isn't easy, it doesn't just happen, and the book offers some simple exercises to help you figure out your essentials.

I found myself often wanting to stop reading and go do something. But that would have been against the ideas taught in the book. Another key principle is that Essentialists do quite a bit of planning and thinking. You can't get clarity unless you do a lot of thinking and playing and planning.

It is the classic idea of moving slow to go faster.

Rating: Highly Recommended

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