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Book Review: Creativity, Inc

As a huge Pixar fan, I had to read this book to see if I could learn their secrets. When you watch their work, you can't help but think these are creative people that are specially talented and gifted. The huge takeaway from the book: that may be true, but it takes a great deal of intentionality to put those people in the right position.

There are many fascinating stories about the movies you are familiar with - how they came up with the ideas, how they struggled, how they overcame obstacles. At times, these offer suggestions and tips on how to foster creativity in your organization. At other times, the stories are entertaining, but not so helpful.

Pay attention to how intentional they are about creativity - from how they sit in meetings, to how they offer feedback, to how they use different techniques to try and come up with ideas. All things that you may or may not be able to use, but it shows how creativity isn't something you have or don't have, but something that needs to be fostered.

Rating: Recommended

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