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Book Review: Becoming the Best by Harry M. Kraemer

I got the pleasure of hearing Mr. Kraemer speak about this book not too long ago. It is clear based on his talk and the examples he used that values-based leadership isn't a concept to him, it was how he led his company and how he taught his business school students.

The book discusses his values, so I won't bore you with them here. The thing that really struck me was his insistence and habit of nightly reflections. As I think about it now, I realize that was his version of being present in the moment. That quick journaling task was his way of ensuring that he was focusing on what he wanted to do and be, as opposed to just reacting to the world around him.

He is successful, in part, because of his intentionality. I hear so many managers and employees tell me that they don't have control over things. What I hear from leaders like Mr. Kraemer is that there are some things we don't control, there are many more that we do and just don't take the actions necessary to control them.

This book is Highly Recommended.

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