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Write Down Your Coaching Info

Here is an exercise I recommend: Writing down your coaching info. I recommend doing this once a month, but it should be at least once a quarter.

Use a sheet with 2 columns. In the first column, write down all the people who are your coaches as well as anyone you are coaching. In the second column, write down the specific items on which you are working. Be as specific as you can.

Here is an example:

The benefit of this exercise is that it enables you to look at things from a 10,000 foot view. Do you have the right amount and the right people coaching you? Are you coaching enough or too many people? Are the goals clear and are the steps you are taking clearly defined?

I usually find that something is out of whack, usually not major. Mainly, I'll find that I have a specific goal yet the steps I am taking are not getting me towards that goal. This gives me a chance to talk with the coach about it and re-align my actions and goals.

Again, doing it regularly is the key.

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