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Make Everyone a Coach

Every organization wastes their most valuable development resource - the team. The simple fact is that everyone in the org has knowledge and skills that can be transferred. This goes for the CEO all the way to the lowest paid employee.

In order to be successful in their role, everyone has to have specific skills and knowledge. It can be in any topic, but they have knowledge that no one else has. I spent a career in learning and development and know things about how adults learn, how best to present content, and the difference between a successful training program and a failing one. It shouldn't be enough that I do my job, I should be sharing my knowledge with others in ways that help the perform better.

For example, I could coach managers on how to present content that helps adults learn. I can explain to leaders how multi-day classes are a bad idea because adults can't learn, retain, and use that much information without effective practice and reflection. These are all skills that I have that no one else does.

In the same case, I should be getting coached by the people doing the various operations on how they do things, why they do them that way, and what challenges and obstacles they face. They will teach me something new that I may be able to use to do my job better.

This doesn't even count the obvious step of my manager coaching me on how to get better.

Any organization can be successful if they focus on making every employee a coach and demanding that every employee get at least one coach.

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