Everyone Needs a Coach

Having been playing and watching sports all my life, the idea of a coach was normal. It didn't matter how experienced you were, a coach was there to help you get better. It started when you first joined a team as a youngster and continued all the way until you retired. Some athletes stopped listening to coaches because they knew enough.

The idea of the professional coach was just the opposite. You didn't really have a coach until you got to a certain level in the company. As if the coach was a reward and privilege for attaining some success. But that makes no sense. Once you've had success, you get a coach? Seems like having a coach would help more people have success - at least if the coach was any good at her job.

The truth of the matter is that everyone, at every level of the organization, should have a coach. Ideally, for front line workers, it would be the manager. Most managers don't have the skills and aren't given the expectation to be a coach.

Getting a professional coach isn't cheap. It could be more affordable if companies would start to invest in them more for everyone.

However, you need a coach. Don't think you don't need one or can't get one until you become a Director. Get one now with the idea that she will help you become a director sooner than you ever thought possible.