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Identify Bad Managers

Companies spend billions of dollars on leadership and management training a year. All with the intention of making managers better. It fails miserably. If it was better, we would see employee engagement scores rising (we aren't).

Only 18% of managers are considered great. Over 60% of managers are considered average or poor. Odds are you are either one of them or you work with one of them.

It is up to all of us to identify bad managers and expose them to the behaviors needed to be great. Don't leave it up to the executive, they are the ones putting bad managers in place and not training them well.

It is not your place to call them out - don't say to them "just so you know, you suck as a manager". But say things like "I'm really working on being a better manager, hopefully I'll be great some day, want to join me?" Or simply share your successes. Tell them what is working with employee engagement and results and what you've learned. Tell them you'd be happy to share or point them towards me (or whatever program you are using).

We need to lift each other up. Sometimes, that means telling people they need to be better. Just do it in a caring and supportive way.

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