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When Deciding, Really Decide

When deciding something complicated, it is normal to have doubts. Making a decision is always going to lead to thinking about the choices you didn’t pick.

A mistake is to let that unchosen alternative remain part of the conversation. How this happens is when a manager makes a decision and then says “but keeping working on X in case this doesn’t work out”.

Working on two different things at once is a waste of resources and tells everyone you haven’t really made a choice (which hurts credibility). When you make a decision, make sure everyone on the team knows it and doesn’t work against it. If they do, it is time for negative feedback.

The only exception to this (and it really isn’t an exception) is if you aren’t making a choice. Some cultures thrive on the competition. But then the decision really is to do both and see which one wins. 

Honor the decision - don’t damage it by going halfway.

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