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Make the Work Fit the Person

In traditional hiring processes, the focus is often on finding a person who fits the job description. Managers rarely find someone who fits exactly what they want, so they settle for the closest thing. This almost always leaves a gap.

A more effective approach is to make the work fit the person. This means understanding the unique skills, strengths, and interests of individuals and tailoring their roles to their strengths.

When work is designed to fit the person, employees are more likely to feel engaged and motivated. Here are a few key considerations for making the work fit the person:

  • Identify Individual Strengths

  • Provide Customized Roles

  • Offer Growth Opportunities

  • Foster Collaboration

  • Continuously Adapt

The challenge for the manager in this case will be to identify the tasks needed to be done at the team level instead of at the job description level. For example, if a traditional job description lists 5 task responsibilities, but the individual only has strengths in 3, you will have to move the 2 tasks to someone else. It creates a situation where the manager has to find ways to get all the tasks completed.

At first, this will be a juggling challenge for the manager. Over time, done right, this can increase productivity and engagement as well as call out tasks that might be better done through automation.

By making the work fit the person, organizations can unlock the full potential of their employees. It leads to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall success.

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