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Re-Frame Delegation

A common technique to be able to overcome an internal objection is re-framing. Re-framing essentially means putting a different spin on a problem or question.

When managers tell me they have trouble delegating, it usually is because they believe they can do it better or faster. Which is true. Even if it weren't, I would have a hard time convincing them otherwise (the mind can be a stubborn thing).

What I ask them to do is try to think of the issue from another way. I suggest it would be nice if the manager had more time for other, more pressing tasks. They always agree. I then say that delegation is the first step towards that freedom. It isn't about who can get it done faster, it is now a benefit to the manager.

As stubborn as the mind can be, it can also be an amazing tool to look at things in a different light. You can reframe any problem or hassle as a benefit. Not only will it help the manager do the right behavior, it will also help the manager's mood. Science is pretty clear that those who see positive aspects of events rather than negative are happier and healthier emotionally.

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