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Delegating to Help The Employee

Most managers delegate, good managers delegate effectively, great managers delegate to improve the employee's skillset.

The difference can be subtle, but it is important. The great manager not only figures out how delegation can be used as a productivity tool (allowing her to focus on the important things), but uses delegation as a development tool. Even more importantly, they use it as a development tool with the sole intention of making the employee more valuable on the market.

Remember, the employee most likely has goals beyond the current position - they may want a promotion, or move into a new role in the company, or maybe even move into a totally new industry. When delegating, the great manager takes this into consideration and finds ways to delegate tasks that will help the employee build the necessary skill sets for his goals.

For example, maybe you have an employee who likes what he is currently doing, but has mentioned that he would like to consider getting into corporate recruiting. Delegating tasks to him that help him build his data analysis skills may not be very helpful. However, putting him in charge of working with HR to recruit the new hires for your team and come up with an onboarding plan could be a huge benefit to him.

Delegation isn't just about getting work done. It is about getting work done in the most effective and beneficial way possible.

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