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Plan for Something that Cannot be Planned

Sounds like a strange concept, planning for something that can't be planned for. After all, in early 2020, no one could plan for a global pandemic that would shut down the world and continue to have significant impacts as we head into 2022.

The idea isn't to plan for it - because you can't plan for everything. The idea is to think - what is the worst case scenario and what would we do if it happened?

I think of IT departments in most companies who spend time thinking about the next cyber attack. When will it happen, how will they react, what have they done to protect their systems right now, etc.?

A good idea for 2022 - have a 2-hour meeting once a quarter and start to plan out what things might happen. Then think about what you can do now and what you would do if it happened. It may even be good things, such as what if our customer base doubled overnight?

The idea is to keep thinking and growing. Not to avoid everything, but to create that agile mindset that enables you to pivot when necessary.

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