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Hire More Women Managers

I'm not the first to say it, but it's great advice - Hire More Women Managers.


I've written how the role of the manager has changed significantly - even if managers haven't changed with it. The skills needed now and in the future are skills that women have more naturally. I know that generalizations aren't good, but the data is clear on this.

What skills are these:

  • Building relationships - This is key to knowing and understanding employees. You can't build trust or psychologically safe teams without the ability to build relationships.

  • Empathy - When I started in the professional world many (many) years ago, the manager was seen as an expert. You went to them to solve problems. Most managers today can't be the expert. They can create the environment to help you perform you best.

  • Emotional intelligence - The ability to read the room and the individual emotionally is the difference between a great manager and a good manager. This is a skill that can be developed, but it has to be understood.

For years, women were taught to act more like men to get ahead. We had that in reverse. Men should start acting more like women if we want to thrive in the workplace of today and tomorrow.

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