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"Enough" Information

Sometimes when I coach managers, I say something that just makes them stop dead in their tracks - they can’t believe what I just said. I always chuckle inside.

One of these is when it comes to decisions. A manager will say “I’ll make a decision when I have all the information”. I reply “then you will never make a decision because you will never have all the information.” It stuns them. They think their job is to get all the information and I’ve basically told them that they can’t do that. I can actually see the confusion and anxiety on their face.

Great Managers get comfortable making decisions with the information they have. Sure, go get more if you have the time and resources. But time and resources sometimes aren’t available.

Make the decision. Get comfortable with the fact that you will second guess and doubt yourself. Realize that sometimes after the fact you will say “if I had known that, I would have done something different”. 

If you don’t, you’ll find yourself paralyzed and unable to decide. That will cause more harm than 100 wrong decisions.

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