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AI and Interviewing

AI, and automation in general, has been a huge help to managers. Used well, AI helps the manager focus on areas where she is most impactful. An area that has been using some form of automation and AI for years is recruiting. Unfortunately, most managers are using it as a crutch and not realizing the damage it is doing.

Where we are most used to seeing AI being used is in resume screening from the dreaded ATS (Applicant Tracking System). The ATS is designed to look for certain keywords and key things in the resume to decide who should be dismissed immediately as unqualified.

This of course leads to mistakes, but we consider these as acceptable mistakes. We believe that we may miss 1 or 2 good candidates who get weeded out or 1 or 2 get through that shouldn't, but we can live with that.

Some companies now are actually starting to use AI to do the first interview. Essentially, companies are asking candidates to record themselves answering some questions and AI is evaluating the answer and assigning a score.

I hate this. Not because I am some old-school luddite. I hate it because it is an area where a manager is ceding responsibility to a machine. The manager has to own the hiring process and has to be heavily involved in it. This is just another way to remove the manager in the process.

Managers - demand to review as many resumes as possible and interview as many people as you can. You have to know them and they have to know you. Offloading this to recruiting, or worse AI, is the biggest hiring mistake you can make and your team - and results - will suffer.

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