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Two Lists: Which Do You Think is Longer?

I have an exercise I like to do with managers regarding delegation. I have them think about the tasks they do (or should be doing) and have them create two lists: 1) tasks only I can do; 2) tasks I can delegate.

In the first draft, list #1 is always longer. Sometimes they only put things on list #2 because they know it shouldn’t be blank so they force some things there.

Then we look at the items on List #1 and I ask, "why can’t you delegate that?” We discuss it and quite often that item gets moved to list #2.

After a few times, the manager gets the point - we overestimate the things that should be on list #1 and underestimate the things that should be on list #2.

Once you get past that realization and start to function with List #2 longer, you will increase your productivity and the team’s engagement level. Extra benefit: you will feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

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