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One Can Be a Crowd

The idea of the Wisdom of the Crowd is not a new idea. This theory states that the opinion of a group is more likely to be the right choice than the opinion of one expert. An example, if I show 2 pictures to 10 people and ask them which will sell for more money, the group choice is more likely to be correct than the choice of one art expert.

In Think Again, the latest book by Adam Grant, he discusses the idea that an individual can act as a crowd in certain situations. If an individual freely considers a situation multiple times over multiple days (forgetting what decision they came to last time - or at least not using it in deliberations), they can act as a crowd themselves, making a wiser decision.

Obviously, this can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Forgetting what you did last time, being able to think differently about the same situation, and having that much time are just a few.

When you can't use the wisdom of the crowd, find ways to be the crowd and find the best decision.

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