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Zoom Meeting Fatigue?

I admit to some amusement at the idea of Zoom Fatigue. I'm not saying it isn't real - it is. I am more amused at the fact that leaders didn't think the same thing was occurring with in-person meetings.

You don't think that employees - especially managers - dealt with Meeting Fatigue? But because it is in front of a screen, all of a sudden it is a thing.

When I coach managers, one thing we discuss is the way they use their time. How much is in meetings and how much is allotted to project work. Most managers will say that they spend way too much time in meetings (some useless meetings) and not enough time with their team or working on projects.

Tom Peters suggests that managers should have 50% unscheduled time (meaning no formal meetings). How many of you would love that?

The type of meeting matters too. Managers don't mind meetings with the team, for key projects, etc. It is the meetings that seem to be scheduled for no real reason that kill them.

My hope is that one of the lessons of the pandemic is that meetings are fewer and more strategic. Or at least that we give employees the option on whether to attend.

I'm not optimistic.

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