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Your Local Library as Career Development Resource

Resources can be expensive. However, one of the most underutilized and affordable resources available for career development is the local library. Obviously, every library is different. But they all usually have some great resources that you can use.

A few examples:

  • Libraries may have subscriptions to business journals that can help you. Early in my career, I wanted to learn more about business so I would go to the library and read Harvard Business Review. It was so helpful (and still is) that now I have my own subscription.

  • Many libraries also have subscriptions to sites for learning. My library has a license for LinkedIn Learning that I can use as well as some other online learning sites. They also have some great resources for small businesses. I use it to find information about contacts.

  • I've taken several classes at the library (and taught one) designed to help me develop skills. I took a class on Python programming, just so I could learn more about it. I've seen courses on how to write resumes and cover letters, financing a small business, etc.

  • Librarians are awesome and always willing to help out. I've talked with them about certain resources and they have either been able to get them for me or help me get them from someone else. Just tell them what you are looking for and you'll be amazed at what they find for you.

  • Space is available too. Many libraries have meeting space or even equipment that you can use. My wife has gone there to convert some of our old VHS tapes to DVD. If you have a need, ask why type of resources they have.

Learn more about your local library and I can almost guarantee that they have resources you can use. Support you local library as well.

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