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Would Your Employee Rather Talk to a Robot?

Seems like a silly question, right? Of course your employees would rather talk to you over a robot. Yet, one study showed that isn't the case (read here).

Does this mean that we should replace managers with robots? Not at all. As with most things, the devil is in the details. The details indicate that there are some areas where the manager provides the most value to an employee (coaching, developing, understanding feelings, and building a productive culture). These are the exact things that most managers don't do. They are focused on meetings, budgets, planning, etc.

It is only going to get harder for managers because the workforce is changing (in many cases has already changed). Managers need to focus on the things that the team needs and wants, not what an outdated management practice has dictated.

BTOM Consultants is focused on helping managers discover the skills needed to be successful today and in the future - not on rehashing old methods that simply don't work.

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