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Workers Will Follow Your Lead

There is nothing that bothers me quite like hyprocasy. In many cases, I am OK with whatever position you take (provided it is legal, moral, ethical, etc.). I may not agree, but I'll understand and accept.

What I can't accept is holding employees to a different standard than you hold yourself. Pay is a classic example.

I've worked for many people who look at pay as an expense - which it is. However, they take it a step further, they look for every opportunity to keep it down. For example, many bosses try to figure out what they are willing to pay a new hire, and then offer an amount below that. They think that negotiating is part of the deal and they hope they can hire them for less then they are willing to pay.

In other words, try to pay as little as possible.

However, when a worker says "you pay me to do X, why should I do more?" then the employee is a problem.

In other words, me trying to do as little as possible is smart business. You trying to do as little as possible is a sign you don't have a work ethic.

The solution? Stop playing games. Do exactly what you expect your employees to do.

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