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Work and Social Connections

A lot is being written about the how remote and hybrid work is creating a lack of social connections. The theory is that by not being in the office, we are not fostering social connections and that is creating productivity and mental health challenges.

I look at the problem through another lens - the fact that work was not only our financial need but also our social need shows a problem with how we've structured work. I'm not against social connections at work at all, in fact, because so much time is spent there social connections are helpful. The fact that our society seems to lack enough social connections outside of work seems to be a bigger issue.

I know that connecting with people at work on more than a professional level increases engagement. If you like the people you work with, you like going in to the office to see them. Nothing wrong with that. Yet, it is harmful when it has gone too far. Unfortunately, I think it has gone too far in too many cases.

Let's structure work so it can be productive, socially enjoyable, but also not so dominant in our lives that it is the critical social aspect of our being.

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