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Why People Leave Companies

Everyone leaves for their own reason. Great managers know the real reason because they've built a complete and honest relationship.

When I hear a manager say that most people leave for money, I question whether they really know their people. If you believe that is the reason for any more than a small percentage, you don't understand people.

An interesting article in Fast Company discussed the reasons people leave based on 5000 interviews. No surprise, money isn't one of the most common 9 reasons.

Read through the reasons. What you find is that is has to do with people, relationships, and how the company and people made the individual feel. Money is tangible and easy to think about. Relationships, feelings, and autonomy are not. Those who default to money as being the issue are taking the easy way out and not actually addressing the real problem.

Stop focusing on branding and imaging and strategies. Start focusing on people.

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