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Well-Being is Part of Personal Organization

I fully believe that the pandemic, while a horrible thing in terms of lives lost and damage to society and the economy, can end up with good coming from it. The big caveat is: will we learn from it.

As a society, we always knew that we need to take care of ourselves -physically and emotionally - and help each other. I believe the pandemic has made the majority of the companies realize they have a responsibility for these things as well as others.

The wall between work and home crumbled. It was never really there in the first place, but businesses liked to live under the fantasy of work/life balance and the fact that employees could leave their personal life out of the office (what I've referred to as going through the magic portal when you get to work).

This means that employees have to really own this, but with support and encouragement from work. I may know what I need to stay physically and emotionally ready to do my best work, but does work create the structure and culture to let me do it.

It may be that once this ends, companies will go back to the way they were before - thinking that separation exists. Those will be the companies that won't be around in the next 5-10 years. The business world has permanently changed, the only question is which businesses are smart enough to adapt.

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