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Visible When Remote

One of the great experiments that will naturally play out as we move to remote and hybrid work environments is the idea of visibility. This has been one of the biggest factors is high potential people and in promotions. The idea is that those getting visibility, get promoted.

What happens when the individual has less visibility? How will people compensate for that? I believe it can be done - I'm just not sure how at this point. I doubt anyone is.

However, I do think it will be a key role of the manager over the next several months to figure it out. With development being your job, helping people get to the next level of their career is key. This means making them visible. The answer may be "don't work remote if you want to be promoted", but it shouldn't be.

This will vary between organizations and may run into roadblocks as old ways of thinking get in the way, but I believe it will involve reframing the way we see visibility. In the past, it was purely physical. Someone was in the office late - they must be dedicated. A manager brings someone to a meeting with other managers, they must be high potentials. Whatever it was, the person was physically visible.

Now we will have to make the person virtually visible. It may still be some form of physical visibility. You may still bring high potential people to some meetings or let them present for you. However, it may also be how you promote them virtually. Sending emails to key people with a picture that extols the virtue of the individual. Having them get noticed and published in the industry and sharing that with the team, etc.

This should be a key aspect of the 1-on-1 meetings - are you helping the individual be visible with the right people.

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