The Favorite Employee...

Of the bureaucratic part of the organization (which is a necessary part of every organization) is in the following order:

  • Least Favorite - the manager who turns paperwork in late, wrong, or not at all because it gets in the way of them "doing real work". AKA - the jerk.

  • Second Least Favorite - the manager who does the work, but simply does it as a check-the-box activity, not caring if it is accurate, thorough, or timely.

  • Favorite - the manager who understands why paperwork is necessary, who focuses on the paperwork they complete, and does everything they can to make paperwork efficient and effective (including suggesting ways to reduce it). AKA - Rock Star.

Nobody likes paperwork. It is necessary though. Paperwork/administrative work is key to communication and memory of the organization. In all likelihood, someone in the organization needs that information. You thinking it isn't important is essentially telling someone their job isn't important.

Your job, as a great manager, is to find a way to get the administrative tasks done on time, with high quality, in the most efficient way possible. If you do that, you'll find that you are well-liked and respected throughout the organization.