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The Coming Reskilling Crisis

A scary stat - according to a recent survey, 54% of workers will need significant reskilling by 2022.

This is scary for a few reasons.

  • 2022 - this isn't years off, we are talking next year. How many of you feel comfortable that you can reskill the majority of your staff in the next 6 months?

  • 54% - the majority of your staff. I'm sure some will need only a bit of reskilling, some will need a lot. Either way, that is a massive undertaking.

  • Significant - employees should always be growing (the importance of development). However, we aren't talking about learning to use email more efficiently or figuring out Zoom. We are talking about major shifts in skills needed.

A big part of this upcoming crisis is the fact that managers have done so poorly in developing people regularly. Managers rarely look ahead and try to see the skills needed and start developing them BEFORE they are necessary. This makes everything a rush and crisis.

The challenge before all managers right now is to start to address this issue TODAY. Find time either by yourself or with your team to think ahead and see what skills you will need and how you can get them. It may be adding staff, hiring firms, or training existing employees. Workable options are out there.

Managers have to start now, and never stop, to avoid this crisis.

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