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Share All Your Tasks

I am not an expert when it comes to agile project management, however, I have read a bit about it and there is one thing I like.

NOTE: If I have misinterpreted the agile system in any way, I apologize. It is the classic risk of a little knowledge can be dangerous, particularly when I take that knowledge to have some deeper meaning.

The idea of the scrum, as best I can tell, is that everyone shares what they are working on. It ensures that everything gets done, but also enables everyone to share information or knowledge that might be helpful. For example, if I am working on a particular customer service feature, someone who is working on something that is connected could suggest we collaborate to ensure we aren't being redundant.

While most of my work is now done alone, I think when I have a team again that we will do something similar. I see a few benefits to the team:

  • Help individuals collaborate

  • Help hold individuals accountable

  • Help get feedback

I'd be interested to see what people think who have tried something similar.

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