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OK Measurements are OK

I had a great conversation with a colleague the other day - we were lamenting our difficulty in measuring the impact of leadership training. I'll spare you the whole discussion - the key part was that we have been battling with the idea of measuring learning impact for way too many years and still don't have the answer.

In one sense, it is frustrating. We both know some really smart people who are working on this issue. How can it be we don't have an answer?

We also know it is a difficult problem. There is no magic bullet that will solve it. We've made progress, but we haven't figured it out. Each measurement we've added or changed over the years has gotten us closer.

The lesson: an OK measurement is better than no measurement. Use what you have, figure out the faults, and try to build on it. You, or someone else in your field, will find the answer eventually. Waiting for perfect or 100% right is not the answer.

As Seth Godin once said "my crappy product is better than your non-existent product".

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