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Offering Perks - Will Employees Use Them?

I've seen several articles recently about rewards that companies are offering new and current employees. It may be to attract talent, it may be to reward employees after the pandemic, or it could be any other reason.

The next thing I will be interested in is this - how many of these companies consider these rewards a success? My guess - few.

Companies believe that if they create something for employees, it will automatically be used. This can be a new software program, a reward, a benefit, etc. That isn't true. Just ask anyone who has ever done change management initiatives.

Companies - particularly managers - need to know that employees take their cue from management.

The perfect example of this is Netflix. At one point, Netflix decided to offer unlimited vacation. They sincerely wanted people to focus on their work, but then take time off to recharge. It wasn't something they felt forced to do, they truly believed that it would make for better productivity and engagement.

What Netflix found was that people were actually taking less time off than before. The reason - managers weren't taking time off, so employees thought that the unspoken expectation was that they shouldn't take time off.

The solution: the CEO, Reed Hastings, ordered managers to take time off. Today, Mr. Hastings says that he takes more vacation time than anyone else in the company.

Great Managers know that employees take their cues from them. They listen to what they say, but they pay more attention to what they do.

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