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No Time to be Nice?

Every once in a while I read something that I can't believe. I dig a bit and re-read it several times. When I realize what is being said, my blood begins to boil. It reminds me of why I am so passionate about making great managers.

I was browsing social media and saw something that I couldn't believe. Someone wrote that a survey had indicated that people said they didn't have time to be nice. I asked for a source and got it here. 60% of the employees said they were so overloaded they didn't have time to be civil.


First, it doesn't take more time to be nice. It isn't like being nice is adding multiple tasks or meetings to your day.

Second, being nice is another word for building relationships. Building relationships is how you get help and work together.

Being nice doesn't give you more work, it helps you get more done.

If you are an employee who works for a manager who says this - start looking for a new job and quit as soon as possible. Nothing good can come from this.

If you are a manager who hears one of your direct reports say this:

  • Give immediate feedback on why this is the wrong thing to say and believe.

  • Coach the employee on changing this belief and ensuring that behaviors are not aligned with the incorrect belief.

  • If behaviors do not change, fire them. I don't care how great of a producer they are, they will slowly destroy the team.

I know people with these horrible beliefs exist, but I still get infuriated when I hear about it.

This is why we need great managers - to ensure this wrong attitude is removed from the workforce.

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