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Most Places Still Don't Get What Effective Reward Are

A read an article in Time magazine a while back - it makes me happy and furious at the same time.

Happy: It talks about how Accuity Insurance is such a great place to work. From everything I've read and heard, it is.

Furious: The article starts with the CEO saying how they give out a lot of chocolate.


Here is what we know - chocolate, ping pong tables, free beer, casual days, bring your dog to work day, etc. are things people like, they don't make the workplace great.

The lede is buried and if you don't read far enough you totally miss the point. The article clearly states why the company is great to work for "...not only because their employer makes room for a “life” beyond the workplace, but also because they feel respected and fulfilled even when they’re clocked in."

Those are the key words: "life", "respected", and "fulfilled".

Not chocolate.

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