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Men Get Better Feedback Than Women

Workplaces have a lot of biases that impact women negatively. Feedback is one of these areas. Three professors recently wrote an article in HBR that looked at data with alarming things.

The data shows that the messages given to men are different than the messages given to women. Looking at these differences shows two key issues:

  • Women are still the victims of biases. These biases seem to focus on making them passive where the men are told to be aggressive.

  • Women get feedback that is less actionable, giving them less of a chance to actually perform based on the feedback.

I don't know (and the study doesn't hazard an opinion) if this bias is intentional in any way, but that is irrelevant. The simple fact is that feedback is another area where women are disadvantaged.

I recommend everyone read this article and determine if they might be falling prey to these issues. You may want to even ask the women on your team for feedback (provided they trust you and you will truly listen).

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