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Learn Not to Burn(out)

More and more studies are giving us information on the effects of productivity with the work-from-home (WFH) situation during the pandemic. Most of the data indicates that productivity is up (or at least flat), but that burnout is increasing, particularly among managers.

There is no one-size-fits-all remedy. My hope (though not my expectation) is that companies realize this and don't try to create the "optimal working conditions". What it means for managers and employees though is that each will have to become more in tune with themselves so they can determine maximum productivity without the burnout.

I've talked before about paying attention to your mind and body - when are you most creative, most productive, etc.? When do you need breaks?

It will also require giving a lot more autonomy to the individual. For example, if I find that too many Zoom meetings wear me out, I need the ability to decline meetings to make sure I stay at maximum productivity. This will challenge managers in many ways. Managers will need to set clear expectations, give lots of feedback, and learn about each individual.

Individuals will have a lot to learn as well - how can they identify the key things so they plan their time and energy appropriately? How can they really balance work and home commitments when they don't have control over some things?

The people who have success are starting to address those things now - learning their body and mind, finding ways to improve, etc.

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