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Hybrid work

One of the many lost messages of the pandemic workforce is the concept of the remote workforce. The true benefit of the remote workforce was the ability to work when you needed to and how you could (in the case of the pandemic - at home). Not because you could work at home, but because it put you in a position to do the best work and be productive.

As the pandemic is waning and things can return to normal, workers are demanding more flexibility. What that means is the ability to continue to work when and where needed.

Of course, leave it to organizations to totally miss the boat on this new trend. What orgs have decided to do is create the hybrid work environment. I tell you to work in the office 3 days a week and you can work where you want the other 2.

Newsflash - that isn't flexibility, it is just a new work schedule. It still doesn't give the worker much control and it sure doesn't create flexibility.

The fact is that if the org doesn't give the worker the ability to set the rules for themselves, then it isn't flexibility. It will create situations that someone will call "unfair", but that is because they miss the point.

If the employer still controls the when and where, even if it isn't 5 days in the office anymore, it isn't flexible.

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