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Holistic Well-Being

Get used to see the phase that is the title of this post. It is one of the next big phrases and challenges in the workplace.

What is it? Holistic well being is looking at all the areas of a person that can make them healthy. From a business perspective, this used to be limited to professional health (do you have the skills you need to be successful in your job). In larger companies, it also meant physical health (insurance so you don't worry about getting sick and the costs associated with it).

During the Covid pandemic, companies started to pay attention to emotional health - what are the mental and emotional challenges employees are facing? This idea won't go away - it will stay in the lexicon.

i4CP did a study during the pandemic and actually believes that there are now 6 areas of well being that companies will have to be aware of and involved in:

  • Physical Health

  • Emotional/Mental Health

  • Financial

  • Community

  • Career

  • Social/Relational

This is not only new for a manager, it puts the manager in a position on which she has little to no training! How is a manager supposed to handle all this while still doing their current tasks?

I don't have all the answers. I believe that managers will need to change the way they think of their role and become more managers instead of glorified individual contributors. That means doing fewer "tasks" and doing more people managing. I also believe that the idea of building strong and caring relationships with employees will matter even more than it does now - and I consider it a top 3 skill now!

If you are not prepared to change your role based on these needs, you will quickly become extinct (or survive as a bad manager).

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